June 2020, J. L. came up with a project and began reaching out to survivors of childhood sexual abuse across the world. The concept is simple; every survivor has a dedicated chapter within a book to share their story, their trauma and their healing journey. As our project grew, J. L. began to find survivors of various trauma and decided to turn the project into a book series. Right now we have 3 books in the works focusing on; Childhood Sexual Abuse, Domestic Abuse and Mental Health. We have plans for many more in the future too. As survivors we believe we should not feel ashamed of what has happened to us, instead we should feel empowered that we survived a traumatic event and we are here today to help others who have unfortunately experienced similar events. When J. L. began this project she had no idea of the amount of support it would receive but she is so grateful to every one involved and she is immensely proud of every member of this brave team.

We encourage every survivor to get involved. As one of our team members refers to us; we are a family. You do not need to feel alone, we are here for you.
Together we are; #BreakingTheSilenceWithEverySentence

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